Sexual Harassment Statistics

The likelihood of an individual experiencing workplace sexual harassment can vary based on the gender composition of their workplace and demographic characteristics. Sexual Harassment Resources & FAQs How Common is Sexual Harassment? Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Sexual Harassment in the Federal Workplace Sexual Harassment on College Campuses Do Victims Report Sexual Harassment in the… read more

What is Age Discrimination?

Los Angeles Age Discrimination Lawyer, Attorneys at Law fighting discrimination There are many types of discrimination in the workplace but when it comes to more subtle forms of mistreatment, age discrimination can be the most difficult type of workplace discrimination to detect. It doesn’t get the publicity of the racial/social justice and the #MeToo movement,… read more

Why Are Some Organizations More Prone to Sexual Harassment Than Others?

Despite an increased awareness of sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace with campaigns such as the #MeToo Movement, this is still a prevalent problem in many work environments in California and throughout the country. Sexual harassment is more likely to occur at organizations with issues that are inherent to their workplace cultures, as well… read more

How Sexual Harassment Affects the Workplace

Sexual harassment does not only affect the person being harassed; the entire workplace can be negatively impacted. A company can suffer financially, legally and in many other ways if it allows a workplace culture of harassment or discrimination to persist. It is in an organization’s best interests to be proactive about preventing sexual harassment.  Human… read more

Are Female Supervisors More Susceptible to Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment means to make unwelcome remarks, jokes, requests or advances of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment can impact a worker at any level of an organization, from a contractor or employee all the way up to a supervisor or manager. Studies suggest that sexual harassment is less about expressing sexual desires and more about… read more

Workplace Sexual Harassment in the Entertainment Industry

Los Angeles and Hollywood are well-known for workplace sexual harassment in the entertainment industry. This industry is overwhelmed with gender inequalities, young and impressionable aspiring talent, and a range of practices and behaviors that foster an environment of harassment and abuse. The more you understand workplace sexual harassment in the entertainment industry, the better you… read more

Top 5 Large Corporations Sued for Sexual Harassment

Large corporations and Fortune 500 companies are some of the biggest culprits in terms of fostering, ignoring and even encouraging a workplace culture of sexual harassment, abuse, and discrimination. According to a report from Good Jobs First, almost all (99 percent) Fortune 500 companies have paid out settlements on at least one sexual harassment or… read more

Sexual Harassment During Business Travel: It’s a Problem

The possibility of sexual harassment at work does not end when you leave the office. Sexual assault and harassment can take place at a remote job site, on a work trip or during business travel. A harasser might take advantage of the new environment to make an unwelcome sexual advance. If you experience sexual harassment… read more

Sexual Harassment in the Tech Industry: What You Need to Know

Sexual harassment pervades every industry in California; the technology industry is no exception. Despite being an industry that is focused on progress and advanced thinking, the tech and IT fields have startlingly high sexual harassment rates. Women are the primary targets, although men also experience sexual harassment in this industry. Find out what to do… read more

Remote Work: How Sexual Harassment Is Still an Ongoing Problem

After more than a year of COVID-19 practices, millions of workers are still working remotely. You might think that without physical interactions in a traditional workplace, there could not be sexual harassment. Yet sexual harassment is not only physical – but it can also happen virtually and over the phone. If you’ve experienced sexual harassment… read more

Dating and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Workplace romances are common in Los Angeles. Coworkers spend a lot of time together, so it is no surprise that many people meet their future spouses at work. If you are romantically interested in someone at your job, however, there are certain complications that you may have to overcome. It is important to understand your… read more