How to Prove Wrongful Termination in 3 Easy Steps

Losing your job is difficult under the best of circumstances. If you suspect your employer is guilty of wrongful termination, however, it can be even harder to accept the loss of job – and you should not have to. Wrongful termination is against the law. California employment laws protect employees from discharge due to discrimination… read more

What Is the WARN Act?

When your employer downsizes your company, you may wonder what your rights are. Unfortunately, the law does not protect your position or your options for future employment. Your employer retains the right to lay off employees when the company is in a difficult situation. However, you do have the right to receive notice prior to… read more

What Is and What Isn’t Considered Invasion of Privacy?

If you are a California employee, you may wonder what your expectations are in regard to your privacy in the workplace. Under California law, you have a right to privacy in four situations and can hold an employer liable if he or she violates your reasonable expectation to privacy. #1: Intrusion of Solitude If your… read more

Can You Be Fired for Being an Alcoholic?

Under U.S. law, certain protections exist to protect employees against discrimination. Protected categories include race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and disability. The definition of disability is not always clear, especially when growing scientific research shows that substance abuse is related to a person’s mental health. If an employee suffers from alcoholism, can the employer fire… read more

Whistleblowers: The Pros and Cons of Whistleblowing

A whistleblower is someone who files charges against an employer or coworker for engaging in illegal or unethical business practices. It is typically an employee of the workplace that discovers a plot or scheme, and comes forward to report the employer to authorities. Blowing the whistle on an employer puts an employee at risk of… read more

Sexual Harassment: How to Recognize Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Workplaces in California must be welcoming of all employees, regardless of sex, gender, race, age, disability, or sexual orientation. Employers and coworkers cannot discriminate against an employee on the basis of any protected class, including gender identity, marital status, or real or perceived HIV disability. Doing so would constitute sexual harassment and discrimination, and could… read more

Are California Employers Required to Pay You for Jury Duty?

Jury duty is an obligation that many adults have to participate in. It is illegal to not report for jury duty without providing an acceptable excuse based on state guidelines. However, participating in jury duty can be a financial hardship for many people. If an employer refuses to pay an employee for time taken to… read more

Overview of Video Camera Use in the Workplace

Privacy is an important concern today, where almost everyone has access to a smartphone with video recording capabilities. No one wants to have their private conversations recorded, especially not in the workplace. However, whether or not people can use video cameras at work remains unclear among many employers and employees alike. Can Employers Use Video… read more

Can Your Employer Fire You for Job Searching?

Many responsible individuals seek new employment while they are still working at another job. This strategy helps reduce the amount of time a person spends unemployed and ensures financial security. However, many employers do not act kindly when they discover that an employee is seeking opportunities elsewhere. In some cases, the company may fire the… read more

What is the the Difference Between 401(k)s and Pension Plans?

Recently in California, Republican and Democratic senators presented proposals that would allow state workers to choose between CalPERs and other public pension plans and 401(k)s. Those in favor of the proposal believe the state of California will not be able to adequately pay pensions to employees who depend on them if there is another recession…. read more