California Law

California Minimum Wage Laws [2021]

Minimum wage is the lowest amount of money an employer can lawfully pay an employee according to state and federal laws. California has the highest minimum wage in the country (besides Washington, D.C.), as well as a provision that increases the state’s minimum wage annually. Learn more about California’s minimum wage laws to determine if… read more

California Workplace Breastfeeding Laws

California is one of the best states to be a working mother. It has many progressive employee-oriented laws in place that protect a woman’s right to breastfeed in the workplace. Unfortunately, not every employer in California obeys the state’s workplace breastfeeding laws. Some infringe on a mother’s right to breastfeed at work by denying reasonable… read more

Rounding Work Hours in California: What Is Legal?

As an employee in Los Angeles, you expect to get paid for every minute you are on the clock. If your employer disagrees with how to compensate you for your time, however, you could encounter issues that ultimately require a wage and hour claim in California. One common issue is whether or not to round… read more

Independent Contractors vs. Employees in California

Employment status is an important concern as a worker in California. Your employment status can determine benefits, insurance coverage, work schedules, pay, and many other key aspects of your job. In California, there are two main types of workers: independent contractors and employees. Knowing how to properly classify yourself can ensure the protection of your… read more

Constructive Discharge and California Law

Most people have things they dislike about their jobs. If your work conditions are so disagreeable as to be intolerable, however, you may find yourself forced to quit. Under California law, this is called a constructive discharge. Learn about the possibility of bringing a constructive discharge claim in Los Angeles as a wrongful termination cause… read more

New CA Laws Protecting Child Actors From Sexual Harassment

Hollywood has long been a setting for child sexual harassment. Hundreds of child actors have come forward with stories about sexual harassment and abuse on Hollywood sets over the years, often perpetrated by directors, producers, and others in positions of power in the industry. Recently, California Governor Gavin Newsom has made protecting child sexual abuse… read more

Can an Employer Dictate When Employees Take a Rest Break?

California’s state laws are largely pro-worker. As an employee in the State of California, you have many rights in terms of your hours, wages and time off. It is important to understand your rights as an employee so you can recognize when an employer is infringing upon them. You have certain rest break rights, for… read more

Is My Wage Doubled When Working Overtime?

California’s wage and hour laws are some of the best in the country for workers. California’s overtime law allows workers to collect 1.5 to 2 times their usual wages during overtime depending on how many hours worked in a period. Neither employers nor employees can waive overtime. Some employers, however, withhold overtime pay from workers… read more

Examples of a Hostile Work Environment

Under state and federal employment laws, an employee can bring a lawsuit against an employer for a hostile work environment. You might be the victim of a hostile work environment if a coworker, boss, supervisor or customer crossed a line into bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination or crimes against you such as physical assault that make… read more