Career Building

The Positives of Working Overtime

Overtime is tricky. Some employees enjoy working overtime since it can mean higher paychecks and other perks. Others resent having to stay late, especially at jobs that require mandatory overtime or that do not give overtime pay. Working overtime can have many benefits for both the employee and the employer, provided that Los Angeles employment… read more

What is the the Difference Between 401(k)s and Pension Plans?

In California in 2018, Republican and Democratic senators presented proposals that would allow state workers to choose between CalPERs and other public pension plans and 401(k)s. Those in favor of the proposal believe the state of California will not be able to adequately pay pensions to employees who depend on them if there is another… read more

What Rights Do Interns Have in the Workplace?

Internships are a necessary part of landing an entry-level job. Often, recent college grads get their first position from pursuing unpaid internships during their time at university. However, it can be difficult to understand the rights and responsibilities interns have in the workplace. What role to they play and do they have any of the… read more

Does Job-Hopping Hurt Your Career?

The world has credited millennials with a lot of things, from putting a dent in the paper towel industry to revolutionizing the way we travel. The generation that values experiences and authenticity over materials has another distinctive characteristic: “job-hoppers.” Job-hopping is exactly what it sounds like: enjoying short stints in careers before moving on to… read more