Should I Find Another Job After Being Wrongfully Terminated?

Wrongful termination is a grave injustice that could change your life. An employer wrongfully terminating you could cause your family great financial and emotional strife. You may be able to get your job back if your lawyer can prove wrongful termination. Even if you fight the termination and win, however, your workplace could have uncomfortable tension or forms of retaliation, such as your boss forcing you to work the worst shifts. Navigating a wrongful termination case may take legal help.

Should I File a Lawsuit? Against Who?

If you suspect wrongful termination, consider filing a lawsuit against your employer. California is one of the most employee-friendly states in the country. A wrongful termination tort claim could end in your favor if your attorney can show evidence of your employer’s wrongdoing. Signs of wrongful termination could become evidence in your civil claim.

Discrimination or harassment
• Direct statements from your employer
• Job termination shortly after learning about your age, disability, etc.
• Termination after announcing your pregnancy
• Employer actions that prove biases toward certain groups
• Retaliation for reporting a safety or other violations to Human Resources
• Breach of your employment contract

Do not move forward after suspected wrongful termination without first discussing your situation with an attorney. While you may need to find another job to get your family through the next few months, explore your rights as a wronged employee in Los Angeles. A wrongful termination lawsuit could lead to job reinstatement, back pay, penalty payments and punitive damages. You may not need to find another job if your wrongful termination suit succeeds.

Could I Return to My Job Where I Was Wrongfully Terminated?

A successful wrongful termination lawsuit against your employer could enable you to return to your old job. Winning a wrongful termination action may force your employer to reinstate your previous position within the company. The company may even fire the person who wrongfully terminated you, creating a more welcoming workplace for you in the future. Your wrongful termination suit could also initiate some changes at the company, such as better HR policies or complaint protocols.

Some employees prefer to find new jobs even after winning wrongful termination lawsuits and achieving job reinstatement. If you fear it will be counterproductive to return to a workplace where you had a negative experience or suffered discrimination or harassment, you may wish to find a new job. However, legally, you should have the power to return to your old position if that is what you wish. Most successful claims result in the reversal of adverse employment decisions. Each case is unique; speak to a Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney about the possibility of going back to your old job after a civil action.

What Is the Compensation for Wrongful Termination?

Filing a wrongful termination claim could lead to many benefits for you and your family. You could achieve job reinstatement. You may also be able to institute real change at the organization by holding a wrongful employer accountable. One of the main reasons to file a wrongful termination claim, however, is to receive a monetary award that could see your family through this tough time.

• Lost earnings from time out of work
• The difference between your previous salary and the pay at your new job
• The expenses of searching for a new position
• Lost employee benefits
• Lost insurance benefits
• Medical expenses due to loss of insurance coverage
• Emotional distress
• Punitive damages
• Legal fees

Compensation for a California wrongful termination claim could range from $6,000 to $100,000 or more depending on the circumstances. The amount of money you lost, the challenges you faced and the losses you suffered because of the wrongful termination will determine your case’s value. Speak to an attorney today to find out what your case could be worth. Hiring an LA employment attorney with experience handling wrongful termination claims could improve your compensation award.