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Sex and gender discrimination continue to pervade workplaces in California and throughout the US. Despite progress with new state and federal anti-discrimination laws, hundreds of employees go to work each day and face different forms of discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy status, relationship status, gender, gender identity and gender expression.

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Difference Between Sex and Gender Discrimination

Sex discrimination and gender discrimination are two separate offenses, although they are closely related. Sex discrimination specifically refers to adverse employment actions or behaviors toward an employee based on his or her sex—whether the employee is genetically male or female. Gender discrimination has to do with how an employee identifies. Both can negatively impact a worker’s employment.

Federal and State Sex/Gender Discrimination Laws

Discrimination can describe any type of unfavorable treatment based on a person’s sex or gender. It usually refers to adverse actions in the workplace, such as not hiring an applicant due to his or her sex or firing a current employee for his or her sexual orientation or gender expression. Sex discrimination predominately occurs to women, although men can also be victims. Many federal and state laws exist to prevent sex/gender discrimination.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (Federal)

The main federal law prohibiting employment discrimination based on sex and gender, as well as religion, color, race, national origin and other protected classes is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Title VII applies to public and private employers that have 15 or more employees. It prohibits these employers from discriminating against employees based on protected classes in regard to any term or condition of employment. This includes hiring, training, compensating, promoting/demoting, assigning projects, disciplining and measuring performance.

California Family Rights Act (State)

One of several state laws prohibiting discrimination in California is the California Family Rights Act (CFRA). The CFRA, as well as the New Parent Leave Act, grants employees up to 12 work weeks per year in medical or family care leave if the employee has worked at least 1,250 hours in the 12 months prior to requesting leave. If you qualify for CFRA or New Parent Leave under state law, you could receive paid or unpaid leave without fear of job termination to care for a serious medical condition, a loved one’s medical condition, pregnancy, a condition related to pregnancy or delivery, or the introduction of a new child into the family.

Examples of Sexual Discrimination

Sexual and gender discrimination are issues that can interfere with a worker’s employment. From wrongful termination to unfair demotions, discrimination can negatively affect an employee and lead to damages such as lost wages. Sexual discrimination in Los Angeles, CA can take many forms. If you believe you have experienced this type of wrongdoing in Southern California, contact us for a case evaluation.

  • Unequal pay. Paying a worker less than his or her coworker for no reason other than sex or gender is an example of sexual discrimination.
  • Different job responsibilities. If an employer alters job responsibilities based on sex rather than merit or experience, it is discrimination.
  • Gender-specific dress code. Forcing employees to dress a certain way based on sex, rather than requiring similar dress codes, is an example of discrimination.
  • Pregnancy discrimination. It is illegal for an employer in California to discriminate against a woman for being pregnant or planning on getting pregnant.

Any adverse employment action based on sex or gender can qualify as discrimination. As soon as you suspect sex-related discrimination, start gathering information. The strength of your employment law case could depend on the amount of information and evidence you collect against your employer. Write down a description of the event, including the names of those involved. Report the incident to your manager right away. Then, speak to an attorney in LA.

Sexual Harassment as Discrimination

Sex discrimination at work can take the form of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can involve physical touching, such as unwanted groping, kissing or hugging. Crimes such as rape, attempted rape and molestation also qualify as workplace sexual harassment. Harassment can also refer to inappropriate or unsolicited sexual comments, jokes, remarks, emails, messages, images, gestures or facial expressions. If someone has sexually harassed you in the workplace, contact a Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney immediately to discuss your legal rights.

How Can an LA Discrimination Attorney Help?

Sex and gender discrimination at work can lead to unproductive and/or hostile work environments in Southern California. As a victim, you could face damages such as lost wages, a lost job, physical pain and suffering, humiliation, inconvenience, emotional distress, and legal fees. An LA discrimination attorney could help by filing a claim against your employer on your behalf in pursuit of compensation. If your employer refuses to properly settle your case, your lawyer could take your case to court instead.

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